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Private Health Insurance

When it comes to health, we understand what matters most. So trust the Ashtree Health team to make buying private health insurance easy: we search the market for you.


We can find the best policy for you, your family or your business, so you can get high quality care quickly, when its needed most, in local, private healthcare facilities.


No more long waiting lists or appointments at inconvenient times. Instead, open the door to freedom of choice and access to the latest drugs and treatments even those not yet routinely available on the NHS.


We’re local, independent and expert. Trust us to look after you.

We’ll look after you

Comparing Private Medical Insurance isn’t straightforward. Each provider offers different levels of cover as standard, from basic through mid-range to comprehensive. And there are a wide range of optional extras you can add to increase the breath of your policy.


So we’ll do the comparisons for you, searching the market for cover that does what you need it to, at the right price for you.

We’ll look after your people

Health and Wellbeing at work is a hot topic. That makes Health Insurance an attractive benefit for both you and your team: your people have more peace of mind and can get treatment faster if there is an issue, minimising downtime and maximising health.


As a local employer too, we understand the pressures you face. So our Corporate Health team are expert in negotiating health insurance that works harder and is better for your bottom line.


If you have existing healthcare in place, ask us if we can better it. We like a challenge!

Local, Dedicated, Expert Team.
We Make Finding Healthcare Better.

Our Ashtree Health team is making health insurance easy and accessible for more and more people.


Whether you are new to health insurance and need help to navigate through the vast amount of options, or you’re simply renewing your existing policy, we cut through the confusion and guide you through the process.


The result? The right cover that works for your budget. We’re here to look after you.

Get in touch today to see how easy and affordable healthcare insurance can be. Or leave your details and we will get back to you.

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