Maintaining our Services to you during COVID-19

Dear Clients


Maintaining our Services to You during COVlD-19


You will be aware of the many measures taken by Government to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on individuals and the wider economy. As part of our own response we want to reassure you about steps we have already taken, and plans we have in place, to respond in rapidly changing circumstances.


We are taking all Government recommended measures to protect the health of our staff and visitors to our offices. As this includes recommendations on social distancing we are reducing meetings to those that are strictly necessary. However, we will remain in contact to ensure all tax and company year end deadlines, as well as contract renewal dates, are met.


We understand some clients may have concerns about face to face meetings at home or in our offices. If so, we are happy to discuss other arrangements to suit you. For example, to reduce the need for signed paperwork we will maximise the use of online transactions and electronic signatures where possible.


We have prepared for the possibility of staff having to work from home. Even in the event of the office having to close for an extended period, staff will have full access to all systems. Your adviser will also remain contactable via the main office numbers, email and mobile.


As circumstances or Government guidance evolve we will, of course, keep you informed about any changes in our procedures.


However, we hope you are reassured by the above measures and by our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service in very challenging times.


Yours sincerely


Michael Blaney
Managing Director
Ashtree Financial Services Ltd